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Bridging Finance

Up to 100% funding can be arranged

big building9 Good Reasons to choose us;

  1. Speed & easy application
  2. £25,000 to £100 million available
  3. Residential or commercial property funded including land
  4. Up to 100% funding can be arranged
  5. Exclusive funding sources
  6. Most properties considered across the UK
  7. Funding within 7 days
  8. 1st or 2nd charges
  9. Great interest rates

It does not matter if you are buying at auction or with a very short lead time we can help.
Flood damaged or in need of complete renovation is what we can easily deal with with repayment from one to 24 months!

How is the money secured? Answer; Either first or second charge over a property or a combination of the two.
Why not call us today for answer in hours not days!

Members of the Association of Bridging Professionals

Blue Cygnet are members of the Association dedicated to maintaining standards in all matters where bridging finance is being proposed.

You can be assured that we work to a standard that exceeds the association’s minimum standards to ensure you get the best result.

About Me

I have over 30 years corporate finance experience with major UK and International organisations, I am now fully focused on providing independent finance help to UK businesses.
What is Bridging Finance

Finance arranged in the short term pending the finalising of long-term financing or asset sale.

Is it just for financing property?

Bridging finance can be used for a variety of purposes although principally it has been used as a property or asset purchase tool where the loan can be secured on the acquired asset or other assets pending completion of a purchase or sale.

What periods can I bridge for?

Bridging finance is by its nature a short-term funding facility although the actual term of the loan can vary between days and months in duration.  Individual circumstances can dictate the availability and period that bridging finance can be made available, but there are a number of lenders who are prepared to consider applications for extended bridging.

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