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Well you might if you intend to apply for anyone of the 25 ways I have to gain funding for your business. As with my other articles I’ve written recently this task of having more than a sales forecast or an advertising budget attached to a list of current assets means you’ll need to sit down and write up a plan.

  • Customers will be hard to find and sales may well be less than you anticipated. “Did you plan for this?”
  • Costs may well turn out greater than expected. “When compared to a well written plan its money well spent”
  • One triumph is no guarantee of the next. “Not unless you have planned meticulously”
  • You will have to manage and develop your resources with skill and determination. “This takes planning ahead”


As a matter of interest self-employment is at the highest rate than at any point in the last 40 years, the Office for National Statistics has revealed. This means not only do we all face the normal competition in winning business but there will be more businesses applying for some form of loan or credit along with your application.

I have written a flow chart guide to what should be included in your plan and you are most welcome to request one by return email. I have also noted that you can get your finished business plan reviewed by online experts who know how to tease out the most salient points for your summary page etc.

One point that most clients make to me is the cost of drawing up their plan by them or another expert in this field. It’s like the old story of two young people talking about their education. The first one says, “Have you seen the prices and costs of these courses?” and in response the other said, “Yeah, but have you seen what the future cost of not having the right education is? Just ask any illiterate 3rd world worker”.

So the cost to you not having a good well written business plan can be the difference to winning that funding or paying too much for a second tier loan or no loan at all. So if you ask me, “Who needs a business plan” my answer is simple everyone who is in business. If you can’t write your own just ask me as I have contacts who will be both inexpensive and highly effective in writing your plan.