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All that’s looked at is your businesses ability to service the debt hence you are allowed to spend the funds lent to you for any purpose. No questions asked.

This is great news for any UK business looking to borrow up-to £120,000 with up-to 15 months to repay!!

Unsecured Finance
Your loan is unsecured meaning you don’t need to put up any physical collateral to qualify for a loan. All that is required is a personal guarantee saying you will repay the loan (Which we can arranged to be insured).

Funding 24/7
You can apply or draw down your funding 24/7 including bank holidays. Apply online in under 10 minutes and receive the funds in your account in one hour.

We like things to be transparent. All interest costs and charges are presented to you clearly before you electronically sign a loan agreement. Visit your dashboard anytime to view both your historical payment, charges, and future payment dates.

Pay early and save money!
You’ll have flexibility to pay your balance at any time with no early repayment fees. Pay early and save on interest.

Your business is important to us In order to achieve the growth your business needs a finance broker like Bluecygnet who will change the way you access capital for good.

Applying for funding you’ll need to have the following;

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be a UK registered company (sole traders welcome)
  • Have a valid business debit card
  • You are a director/owner/partner of the company
  • Have a minimum annual turnover of £10,000

Also be able to submit one of the following:

  • Your VAT online credentials
  • Copies of your last five VAT returns for uploading
  • Your marketplace store credentials if selling online
  • Business bank statements

For more details contact us; Tel; 01202 979160 Email; enquires@bluecygnet.co.uk