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Funding UK Workplace Pensions

Have you been sent your staging dates for your employees auto-enrolment in your pension scheme? Did you realize what little choice you have in pension providers and the likely high setup costs? Bluecygnet have a provider who will be well suited to the average UK SME at a price they can afford.

NEW Unsecured Business Loans Are Now Available

Applying for funding in the UK can be difficult and impossible if you want an unsecured loan. Well not anymore as we can arrange funds up-to £150,00 without security for any UK based business. Repayments can be spread over 15 months and early repayment can be made without any penalty.

Zombies are not just for Halloween!

With the passing of the autumnal season and the inevitable reference to specters, ghosts, phantoms, apparition or Zombies one wonders if this is the only time that they may appear? Like the warning about dog ownership is not “Just for Christmas but an all year...

You’ve Had The Gain Watch Out For The Pain!

CHAMPAIGN OR SHAM-PAIN? With all the talk of celebrating the recent 12 month house price rise one needs to reflect on the idea of celebrating too early. All of us have to live somewhere and its a given that in a free market it should be your choice of owning or...

The shoplifter, time waster & the client

The expression “shop lifter” is a curious one as it’s obviously not a proof of strength or a title used by building companies. But if a business has suffered a raid by a person or persons taking away the goods on display without any intention of paying it can ruin the...

WWW Dot is more than a website address!

After going through the changes, to my now magnificent website, I realised how we needed better communication with the 3 W’s.   You’ll need more than luck! WWW – WHO you are sounds simple enough but when you’ve used your second or third Christian name or...

Peer to Peer & Crowdfunding

With all the noise and chatter about the lack of business funding we looked at alternative sources for SME’s who are needing that extra piece of equipment or money to explore new markets etc.