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Personal Guarantee Insurance

Protect your exposure

Personal Guarantee Insurance

Smile manDo you own or about to start a limited company? Have the need for finance from lenders such as banks or other enterties?

Those lenders will frequently take security over assets of your company in the form of a debenture but frequently request further security in the form of a personal guarantee from you and your fellow directors and shareholders.

This situation is not something anyone in business likes or wants but simply accepts to get the funds!

You may have an excellent business proposition and covered every eventuality in your business plan but then factors beyond your control although unforeseen result in adverse trading and the lender asks for its loan to be repaid.

They appoint an administrator to deal with your company to repay your creditors thus calling in your personal guarantee.

Normally there is not much you can do about your situation with your personal assets at risk which causes untold stress for all involved.


Now you can insure against this situation!

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OK you say but how much can I cover?

Length of time % covered
First 3 Months 0%
Next 9 months 35%
Year 2 45%
Year 3 60%
Year 4 75%
Year 5 onwards 90%

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Multiple Guarantors

PGI is personal to you but other guarantors can take the cover as illustrated. If there are two guarantors and each takes out PGI then the effective cover will be 90% of the total guarantee in the second year.

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How much does it cost?

The premium is based on the level of the cover required. There is a simple online application form which will provide you with an instant quote based on your requirements. Go to ;


Is it possible to get cover for existing loans?

Yes you can plus you will receive ongoing support with a help desk. If for any reason you need to discuss a situation this is taken care of with simple requirements to notify the company if an event occurs such as non-payment to HMRC. Each month you’ll receive a reminder of these events so you can seek help to resolve these issues.

Don’t just wait until something happens!

Act today!

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Any questions?

Personal Guarantee Insurance

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