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The expression “shop lifter” is a curious one as it’s obviously not a proof of strength or a title used by building companies. But if a business has suffered a raid by a person or persons taking away the goods on display without any intention of paying it can ruin the profitability of the business and in some case’s cause it to close down.

Here’s some recent headlines

Retailers are being hit by a surge in robberies and cyber-attacks

There were 631,391 customer thefts in 2012-23 – the highest level in 9 years

But only 9% of crimes are being reported as stores ‘lose faith’ in the police


(Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2542398/Shoplifting-rockets-10-year-high-Spike-thieves-stealing-luxury-items-just-one-ten-crimes-reported.html#ixzz3AjPMvwxE)


This is a follow on to my last news article “WWW – DOT” as identifying where a business is vulnerable to shoplifting, wasting time with “No sale” customers or dealing with the genuine client. With more and more businesses moving from “Bricks to Clicks Businesses”, the subtle ways in which the lifting of goods with no payment is also closing down websites.

I have found the changing of the names or titles used such as “Shrinkage” can sometimes reduce the impact of what has happened. But in business there is an easy way to find out! It’s called your business bank account! Loss of profit from hoax orders or what I prefer to call them “Time Bandits” always leaves you little time to attend to the genuine clients who deserve your attention.

Preventing the shoplifter or hoax website visitors or callers to your business premises causing you losses is essential. In the finance world of application forms and provision of proofs is our way of staving off these two “Time Bandits” and then assisting those real applicants who become clients.

If you’ve been poorly dealt with by a finance brokerage that cannot differentiate between the hoax and time wasting clients and perhaps marked you down as the time waster you should contact us.

Our systematic way of assessing your needs steer us away from poor service and lack of understanding your requirements. Simple forms, straightforward talking about your needs is all part of what we do for clients.


No one can get back time lost or wasted.

That’s why we don’t waste yours or ours!