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After going through the changes, to my now magnificent website,

I realised how we needed better communication with the 3 W’s.

 Businessman Crossing Fingers

You’ll need more than luck!

WWW – WHO you are sounds simple enough but when you’ve used your second or third Christian name or remarried more than once it’s not as easy as it seems.Having documents containing recent photos of you helps along with easy found listing on reference systems such as voter’s role or credit agency files.Stolen ID makes matters worse and you will need to verify sometime by officials such as your GP or solicitor.

WWW – WHAT you’ve been doing for a living. Most of us should be able to offer copy accounts, tax returns, wage/salary slips for at least 6 months or again specific bank statements with easily traceable payments shown on them. There are other methods used by lenders but these tend to be the most commonly used.

WWW – WHERE you are living and trading from. I have no doubt that if you cannot verify your addresses for home and business by simple land register or voter’s role checks then this can be a deal stopper. Living somewhere for more than 3 years is often asked for along with documents such as bank statements to your addresses will often be asked for.

So if you cannot provide a WWW before any funding application form is submitted then it will not land on the best or appropriate underwriter’s desk. In the same way you’ll not land on the correct website page you wish to view. 

If you need help in submitting your 3 W’s and an application for funding then write or call me here at Bluecygnet Finance.

If you would like as good a website as mine then go to WWW.SPATINADESIGN.CO.UK tell Clive or Lisa I sent you or call them on; 01590 641720